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This week in the Photo of the Week:

"Environmental portraits"

photo of the week 115

Photo of the Week is a platform to show work of my own -Maarten Zeehandelaar- but I like to think of it also as a platform in which other people may join to show their work or comment on work exhibited.
-be it either visual or textual-

I asked editor and writer Peter-Jan Vermeij to ponder a bit upon the photographs being presented this week and, if so inclined, to accompany them with a thought or two.

He willfully accepted and therefore I am proud to announce the first edition of the Photo of the Week being a joint publication.

See below for his contribution.

photo of the week 115

An invitation to indolence

Looking at these Environmental Portraits I see moments frozen in time. Not just because a camera clicked, but because of their composition and the combining of animate and inanimate elements: the towering buildings, the indifferent lampshade, the flirting sofa and bookcase - the waiting man, the sitting woman, the passing sun - the train, the photographer, the reader.

The stillness of these photographs feels like an invitation to slow down, to sit on that sofa with a book from one of those shelves, or just to cherish the strokes of sunlight on our cheek. – not to change the velocity of passing time, but to ignore it altogether – not to unhurry, as the rather ugly translation of the rather ugly modern Dutch word 'onthaasten' goes, but to be indolent.

Indolence, now there is a word.

We, the industrious ones, must, oh yes, very much indeed, unhaste, or unhurry, or unrush in our speedy modern lives. But we must not, oh no, no, no, please lord no, succumb to indolence, to inactivity.

Let's anyway.

Peter-Jan Vermeij
Website Peter-Jan (in Dutch)

Until the next Photo of the Week!

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