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This week in the Photo of the Week:

"Eve of evolution"

photo of the week

The generally accepted idea is that we have come a long way since we were running around naked with bows and arrows. And really, when do we still need or use the instincts that this young woman in bronze displays?

However, Photo of the Week 119 seems to suggest that we should not forget where we came from. 'What is shaky in this life,' the photo says to me, 'are our accomplishments, not our instincts'.

Once I met some, what you might call, modern day huntresses. They spoke about their lives. I would like to invite you to listen to their voices:

“One day I followed them to a restaurant. I confronted them. I pulled her hair and slapped her. I threw beer in his face. It was my right. He pays for a motel-room to be with her, but there is no food for me and my sisters.”

“Yesterday they taught us biology in the park. Photosyntheses. When I get off the street I wanna be a vet. People treat their animals very bad. I want to help them, to take care of them. Animals are better than people.”

“He came to my room, every time she was at work. She wouldn't believe me. She kicked me out onto the street and called me a whore. Now I am, but when I graduate and get a real job I will go to her and than she can see for herself. See for herself that I am not nothing.”

Our instincts are nothing less than the fuel of hope, which is, in the end, perhaps the only real fuel of human life.

Text: Peter-Jan Vermeij
Website Peter-Jan (in Dutch)

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