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"Os arcos da samba"
(Lapa parte 1: em filme)

photo of this weeks photo of the week

photo of this weeks photo of the week

photo of this weeks photo of the week

The Arches of Samba

We are always busy making, buying and selling things that make our life easier, and exactly because of that business (busy-ness) we never get to live easy.

We are not pleased with this human paradox.
That is why we name the result of our busy-ness 'progress'.

For example, when you build a city near swamps with sickening water and you have to walk miles to retrieve fresh water, then eventually you would like, you might even pray, for something to bring that water to you. So you come up with and build canals and an aquaduct. You are proud of it and you make it all look very beautiful. You call it 'a feat of human progress'. Now it is there and you get the water easily, so you go on to the next thing that is not easy, and try to fix that. After all, you have a lot of time, now that you don't have to walk so much anymore.

This kind of logic seems to be embedded in all mankind. At least examples of it can be found all over the planet.

Photo of the Week 121 shows the Carioca Aquaduct* in the Lapa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. It was built in the 18th century. After water it transferred people on the Santa Teresa Tramway which was laid out on top. Presently it is functionless because of some tramway accidents, but I am told people are working to change this state.

But Photo of the Week 121 also shows something else. It shows what happens when the human focus swifts from being clever, practical and busy in order to make life easier, to being clever, practical and industrious in order to achieve progress.

Once, yes, once we took such pride in our accomplishments that we have kept on painting them white, century after century after century. But look what we are doing now. Climb on top of the Arches of Samba and see what the world looks like now, now that progress itself has become the main goal.

photo of this weeks photo of the week

I really hope the Carioca's will forever go on painting and re-painting those phenomenal arches.

Texto: Peter-Jan Vermeij
Website Peter-Jan (em Holandês)

* Cariocas is what citizens of Rio are called. Also it is nice to note that samba music pretty much comes from the Lapa neighbourhood - so basically, while looking at these arches you are looking at the birthplace of the soul of the Carioca, hence the title (I guess).

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