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"Monumentais da Holanda"

photo of this weeks photo of the week

photo of this weeks photo of the week

photo of this weeks photo of the week

Monumental Netherlands

Photo of the Week 122 immediately reminds me of its creator. We know that the photographer resides in Brazil and most of us know he is Dutch by birth. These photographs entitled 'Monumental Netherlands' were taken by a man who was, at the time, a visitor in his own country.

In my experience you do not necessarily have to indefinitely relocate to feel such a visitor. A substantial stint in surroundings that are exceedingly foreign to you can do the trick. This may even happen in your own country.

You look at all that is familiar and yet you feel it is strange. The familiar hasn't changed, that would go against its nature, wouldn't it?! No, you have. You look at the familiar with new eyes.

The emotional results of feeling foreign in your own country, as well as the feeling itself, can extend to all things in your life. Tom Waits wrote a song about this, which a friend of mine put on a cassette (remember those??!) he gave to me when I took of for a few months of traveling. It is this song that I think of when I see at these Dutch monuments:

I never saw the morning 'til I stayed up all night
I never saw the sunshine 'til you turned out the light
I never saw my hometown until I stayed away too long
I never heard the melody, until I needed a song.

I never saw the white line, 'til I was leaving you behind
I never knew I needed you 'til I was caught up in a bind
I never spoke 'I love you' 'til I cursed you in vain,
I never felt my heartstrings until I nearly went insane.

I never saw the east coast 'til I move to the west
I never saw the moonlight until it shone off your breast
I never saw your heart 'til someone tried to steal,
Tried to steal it away
I never saw your tears until they rolled down your face

See a video of the song 'San Diego Serenade' (1974) by Tom Waits

Texto: Peter-Jan Vermeij
Website Peter-Jan (in Dutch)

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photo of this weeks photo of the week

photo of this weeks photo of the week

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