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photo of this weeks photo of the week


This new Photo of the Week edition makes me think of the use of light by painters and photographers. So often it seems to be the light, not the subject, that tells the story. Actually, this portrait seems to milk the light for all it's worth.

There's the aura-like shine around grandma's head, the accents between and above her eyes, on her cheeks, the tip of her nose, and the corner of her slight smile; then the skin of neck and shoulder and the completion of the aura-circle on the neck and breast of the dress. All that light helps to create a portrait of Grandma as a gentle but firm woman, immaculate in her appearance, at least for this picture.

However, the exception to this imaging of grandma is one detail, which is also brought to us by the light: the scar on her forehead. The patch of light there suggests quite a dent. This was no mere bumping of the head. Something or someone once crashed into granny's skull, or the other way around, with what must have been considerable force.

Such a dent could be good material to start of a short story, I am sure. But before I delve into my imagination to come up with one of the countless ways it might have gotten there – some funny, some horrendous, some incidental, some indicative of some kind of life – before I can go there, I feel I have to answer this question: when you write, what do you use for light?

Text: Peter-Jan Vermeij
Website Peter-Jan (in Dutch)

photo of this weeks photo of the week


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