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photo of this weeks photo of the week

photo of this weeks photo of the week


Family can be incredibly close, and because of that also incredibly distant. Does the one sister in this weeks edition know why the other shaves her eyebrows and then paints them back? And does the other sister know why the one chooses not to do that? I don't think it is difficult to see how these two questions about the women in these portraits could lead to, for example, a coming of age novel. The potential of the photographs is enormous.

When it was presented to me a few weeks ago (edition 129 – The Shepherd) the current Photo of the Week series of portraits did not immediately arouse my enthusiasm. After all, what can one write about so many singular faces? Moreover, these faces are family members, so how fictitious may I treat them without insulting or stepping over other boundaries? Also, there is no telling where this series might end, because the photographer is, in his own words, 'very much into portrayism' at the moment.

However, the questions raised by my inhibitions about this photography proved to be most fruitful (to me at least, I can only hope I have not been boring you to smithereens with it). We have gone from a renewed acquaintance with a very impressive novel and the axiom that there is always something to write about, to the unease which resulted from the realization that most first impressions, and thus most characters, are based on or linked to preconceptions and prejudices, to the fundamental question how to breathe light into something, or someone, with words.

I would then like to take this moment to thank the photographer most heartily for the opportunity to collaborate on the Photo of the Week. Also I would like to congratulate him and, as a present, make a promise to write at least three fictive (extremely) short stories based on the portraits he selects for upcoming editions.

à sua saúde birthday-boy

Text: Peter-Jan Vermeij
Website Peter-Jan (in Dutch)

Until the next Photo of the Week!

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