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"Security guard"

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Security guard

'Look here, I am not trying to turn him into something other than the nice boy he is. What I want is for him to be able to defend himself when people are not nice to him. And I tell you, they are bound to be not nice to him. People are like that. Always. You know that.'

This is what Ricardo's dad said to his mom when she objected to him teaching the boy boxing. She had always been attracted to the fearlessness of his father, who was a bouncer. But when he started teaching his five year old son to fight, all she did was fret in fear of the consequences.

Of course, Ricardo's dad was right. Nice people have to be stomped and trampled on – much in the same way that some underdogs will always be attacked by some alpha dogs. They do it, because they can.

Ricardo's father noticed how the boy developed very gentle features, which were accentuated by behavior that seemed structurally nice, to everyone and everything. He loved him dearly for it, but would rather die than let the boy be a lifelong prey for such alpha dogs. So he taught him boxing, and after that, kick-boxing, and after that even some Krav Maga.

By the time he was fourteen Ricardo spent more time in detention than any other kid in his class. His mother gave him and his father many 'told you so's'. Father and son however kept replying that nothing was wrong. For the truth was that Ricardo, complying with his fathers teachings, never started a fight. What got him punished were the injuries sustained by his assailants, not aimless aggression or gratuitous violence.

At thirty-four Ricardo had a family of his own. He had been working as a security guard at a popular bank for twelve years and always told the eager rookies that came to work with him one thing: be nice. When they call you names, be nice. When they spit in your face, be nice. Guard them out the door, but do it nicely. Always be nice. Until it's time, to not be nice. When asked how they were supposed to know when that was, Ricardo would smile and say: 'Don´t worry, I'll let you know.'

Text: Peter-Jan Vermeij
Website Peter-Jan (in Dutch)

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