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This week in Photo of the Week 152:

"Forest | Rowing"

photo of this weeks photo of the week
Photo: Maarten Zeehandelaar

Where did the Log Lady go?

Who even remembers the Log Lady anymore?
I can hear the kids going on about here.
“Yeah, some crazy old b**** from a TV-show my dad used to watch when he was a kid. He told me he had to watch it in secret because my grandma wouldn't allow him to see it. Man, he even made me sit through it once. They only made two seasons of it, but still, bo~o~oring.”

The Log Lady was crazy.
She carried around a log and claimed that it could see things and that it spoke to her, which made her a kind of medium.

But here's the thing: the Log Lady seemed to be labeled as crazy because of the log, not because of the connection with other worlds. The log made her a laughing stock, not the psychic babble. A piece of wood, ha ha ha.

Now look at these pictures and tell me if deputy Hank was wrong, when he modestly defended the log lady with these words: The wood contains many spirits.

Text: Peter-Jan Vermeij
photo of this weeks photo of the week
photo of this weeks photo of the week photo of this weeks photo of the week photo of this weeks photo of the week


third of a series of moving photographs with texts by Peter-Jan Vermeij

Photo sequence: Maarten Zeehandelaar

You see that guy sitting there?
That's me.
I come here every morning.
I don't row, I just sit and look on.

See the city, watch the rowers and their boats, swiftly cutting through the calm water.
Even with all that goes on around me, it still feels like a still-life.
I think that's because everything is background to one action: the rowing.
For a while there, every single moment, every second, every snapshot is essentially the same.

A boat may be in the water, somebody may be getting in it, it may be leaving, it may be coming in, it may have come back, someone may be getting out, pulling the boat up, walking away – none of it makes any difference to the feel of these moments – that remains the same.

So it is here, at the rowers dock, I find some, maybe even the best, possible now to live in, for a bit. This helps me empty my mind, fully charge for another day, be mindful.

Text: Peter-Jan Vermeij

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