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This week in Photo of the Week 158:



photo of this weeks photo of the week
Photos: Maarten Zeehandelaar

En ik kan alleen maar denken…

Wat als ze oud zijn. Hun verhalen slechts nog voortbestaan in zwakke anekdotes. Waar het verplegend personeel ze teder wast en instopt. Waar hun land ze is vergeten en de oorlog is vervlogen.

Ze zachtjes schommelen in hun stoel, hun passie is gedoofd en de strijd is gestreden. Ooit op handen gedragen, nu voorzichtig neergelegd

Text: Elske Helmich

Translated text

And all I can think …

What about when they are old. Their stories nothing but feeble anecdotes. Where the nursing staff gently washes them and tenderly tucks them in. Where their country has fogotten them and the war has fleeted.

Softly rocking in their chairs, their passion extinguished and the battle fought. Once lauded and celebrated, now carfully laid down.

Translation: Peter-Jan Vermeij
photo of this weeks photo of the week
photo of this weeks photo of the week photo of this weeks photo of the week
photo of this weeks photo of the week

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