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Photo: Maarten Zeehandelaar

Life is sweet.

Looking forward I am all smiles – like a toddler, fabulously clueless about yesterday, blissfully ignorant of tomorrow. Nothing but lovely, empty pages ahead of me.

Pencil in hand I move towards the paper when suddenly, before I have produced even one dot, it somehow clings to the side of my hand. Something sticky that I didn't notice before is the cause of that. It seems to seep out the sleeve of my blouse.

My left hand gently picks the page of my right and I try to remove the gooey stuff from the paper with my thumb. It works, sort of, but the page is smudged. Thus I have not written one word and already tomorrow is soiled. And this happens every time, which gives my life a not so sweet Sisyphean quality.

'So you go through life with a future somewhat spoiled by your past. Join the club,' you might say.

Fair enough, but the dirty trick here is that all this need not necessarily be true. It may actually be nothing more than an image I can, and do, create in my mind. An image that becomes so real, it borders too close on reality to not take it as such. Am I looking at what's real, at the fire, at the shadows, or even merely smelling the smoke?

I get so entangled in these thoughts. They make me delirious.
I laugh, I cry, I scream. Is there a spider in my hair?
For ice cream, for ice cream, for I SCREAM …

(but you'd never notice, now would you, just by looking at me, like that – so maybe I don't, not really)

Text by: Peter-Jan Vermeij

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