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Photo: Maarten Zeehandelaar

Our instructor added new meaning to the word 'bubbling'. While other photography clubs went to canyons, medieval ruins, dark forests or the zoo for practice, our instructor simply took us to the park and brought his kid. Generally I like kids but in this case it was extremely annoying. The boy just wouldn't sit still, blow his bubbles in the right direction or even do so at the right moment.

As time passed and we tried to complete the assignment – “freeze” a bubble – I started to dislike the kid more and more for not obeying, and by extension, the father who had apparently never taught him how. What is this man gonna teach me if he can't even teach his own kid to do something right? I got more angry by the minute and lost touch with any inspiration I might have had to complete the task. I sat down in the grass and bleakly gazed at the whole scene.

Some of my more assertive classmates actually did become angry at the boy and tried to get him to do what they wanted. But the kid just acted like a badly trained dog, constantly doing the opposite of what was asked, well, ordered actually. It was then that I noticed something. After yet another grunted 'no, no, no, not like that' the boy cast a puzzled and pleading look at his father, who in return shook his head and gave him a quick but clear thumbs-up. No one saw it but me. This rattled my chain even more.

Only Angeline seemed to be undisturbed by all this sabotage and the anger that went around because of it. She was like a butterfly trying to land on one of the bubbles, no matter where they came from or went. I saw my chance and stealthily took a picture of her. What the hell, it wasn't like I was gonna get anything done with the bubbles and I had been waiting for an opportunity to take her beauty home with me for weeks. My heart pounded as I looked at the display of my camera to see how she turned out.

Text by: Peter-Jan Vermeij

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