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Photo: Maarten Zeehandelaar

Modern gadgets and the accompanying omnipresence of social media bring down walls and borders. They take the world to your doorstep, into your hands – to play with and talk to, to scream or laugh at; you can be whatever you want, meet whomever you like, literally grow outside yourself with instagrammed facebooked tweets. But, at the same time, by the ancient rules of karma, balance, poetic justice, and the truth of Magic and Loss, our world becomes smaller and smaller and smaller. Smaller than ever before.

Until one day we may end up like this not so happy camper – alone in dark, blue emptiness, awaiting or establishing the next moment of human contact, on a little piece of hardware, clotted with countless pieces of software – your privacy splattered against the wall, your self-esteem completely and utterly dependent, your breath permanently in your throat and your face continuously tense with expectation. A homemade instead of God-made hell, completely in line with the religion of this century: the belief that we can actually control every aspect of our lives.

Luckily, this picture is obviously staged. We are not really looking at a somewhat weary, sad and/or depressed young woman glued to her smartphone in an empty room half covered in darkness. It’s just a picture. It’s not true. She’s not that alone, or lonely, probably. After the shoot she will get up, take off the dark and saddening charcoal on her eyelashes, the black nail polish, the worn out princess shoes of a four-year-old – she will put on something bright, step out into the sun, phone a couple of bff’s and go have some chardonnay with them in bar nearby, telling them all about her photoshoot. Thank God, don’t you think?!

However, just because it’s that time of the year, humour me, and, after having read this, use your smartphone to actually speak to someone you haven’t spoken to in while. Someone you really should have called, but there was no time, and yes you texted, facebooked, tweeted, you really did, but still. Call them. If you don’t know what to say, just wish them a happy new year. Say you will call again in the new year, so you can meet and exchange new-year’s-party stories. And do that too – call, meet, in 2016.

See you in the new year, which I hope will come to you in good health and inspired spirits. All the best to you all.


Text by: Peter-Jan Vermeij

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