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So you go to this huge warehouse with your parents on a Saturday morning and of course they warn you not to play on the escalators. But next they spend like an entire lifetime in the boring books and magazines section and those escalators are something else in a six story building. So of course you figure going up and down just once won’t really matter. And when you get back from, of course, the top floor, they are, of course, gone from the books section. And there are a million people, at least, in that warehouse. But, your seven year old head does not panic, not at all in fact, for you have been prepared well should such an event occur. What do you do? You place your feet apart about shoulder wide, you throw back your head, you bring your hands to your mouth like a megaphone, and you imitate, with as much accuracy as you can, this: sound and vision [link].

Oh yes, Johnny Weissmuller. That was our family-call and no matter where we went, we used it when necessary, without shame, not holding anything back. Johnny was the man! Did you know that the call you just heard was patented?! I didn’t, until I searched for it on the internet, to use in this week’s edition. But rightly so! In fact there are only two real Tarzans: the one that materializes in our minds when we read the books of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and, Johnny Weissmuller. Especially his accelerations were amazing. Remember that?! Every time he had to outswim an alligator, or outrun a rhino, he seemed to accelerate to a superhuman speed. Even as a kid I knew it had to have something to do with the filming in those days, for as soon as Johnny sped up, the animal in pursuit turned it up a notch as well. Those big rhino legs tripping like Speedy Gonzalez tiny paws, there was absolutely nothing like it.

And later in life, the few times I ended up in a place like the one in the photo, I have never been able to resist. Shocks the bejeezus out of some, but who cares. I am Tarzan!

Text by: Peter-Jan Vermeij

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