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"Te amo, Rio"


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Foto: Maarten Zeehandelaar

One mother, one kid, two different days, or a change of clothes for the photoshoot, or, two kids, for the one in blue seems a little smaller, while the one in red seems to have darker hair. There is a lot of trickery and deceit going on here, so it seems. But I can’t be bothered really, one way or another.

For what I am thinking about is the text, and then this:
After 361 photos of the week, have I come to love Rio?
Next this:
Is that even possible, given that I have never even been there and said love would therefore entirely be based on pictures?
But, what do you know, centrefold- and movie star-infatuations seem to suggest that it is indeed possible to feel (something akin to) love, solely based on pictures.

I know I would like to go to Rio one day. A friend of mine lives there, his wife is from there. But after all those pictures, I do feel it’s more than that. What haven’t we seen over the past five years? Too much to summarize here. But do you remember those colourful boats gently moving on the rhythm of the bay? Or the enormous lake in the middle of the city, somewhere? It seems ages ago I wrote about that, but I still would so love to hike around it. The park with the old men playing chess, all that colonial heritage next to hypermodern architecture (those magnificent white arches, remember those? or the whale-tail museum?). The baffling botanical gardens, sidewalks that looked like something straight out of Wallstreet, except there’s always someone in shorts around. The street corners bustling with Brazilian city life. The people, yes, the portraits of graduates, grandparents, models for a day, children, women and men, whomever they were, they left a mark. All of the above left a mark. Also a bridge, a freeway, a city-bus, islands, the skylines – those mountains everywhere, all that green, the eternal Jesus-embrace – it is a Rio mark, somewhere on my brain, definitely in a region rich with dopamine, for I always start to feel good when I receive another glimpse of it in my mailbox. Now, this has been scientifically proven: When you are shown a photograph of someone you romantically love, dopamine rich areas in your brain light up like a Christmas tree. I'm just saying....

Texto por: Peter-Jan Vermeij

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