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This week in the Photo of the Week:

"Personal fascination and studio update"

photo of the week 83
[70mm f/2.8 1/160s ISO 400]

For some this image might be not interesting in the least or even silly. Personally, I very much like it and I'll give you some notions of why I do.

To me it is both beautiful and mysterious, profound and basic, hard and soft, sensual and ignorant. The image prones me to re-evaluate of what an image is made of (beyond the elementary form, space and light).

Questions of a more philosophical and aesthetic nature come to mind.
What is it to experience space?
(is the middle pointing towards or away from you?)
And what -if anything- does it represent; is it 'truthful'?
Does an image need to convey anything?

My answers to these questions and many more are not of interest here, it is about the type of images I enjoy where the lack of obvious meaning makes room for a sense of freedom to associate without judgement.

photo of the week 83
[70mm f/5.6 1/160s ISO 100]

In the meantime my own small studio continues receiving visitors.
A few weeks ago an almost-two-year-old came by with her mother.

There is no directing an active toddler that communicates and acts socially, obviously, but not much within 'grown-up' rules. So forget about poses and too stringent ideas of what would make a good portraite. The only serious objective is trying to create a relaxive but active atmosphere. A joint effort with the parent(s) is then to keep the child more or less within the frame or background limits and make an eye-camera contact happen.
It is challenging and needs precise and swift almost intuitive reactions to catch those decisive moments. But besides challenging it makes a session also very spontaneous and a lot of fun.

See more pictures from the session here.
And for an example of the album I put together go directly here.
(the album might not display well in FireFox)

Until the next Photo of the Week!

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