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This week in the Photo of the Week:

"Ecce locus in quo habitamus"


photo of this weeks photo of the week
[85mm f/4.5 1/100s ISO 100]

Sculptures that are found in cemetaries always fascinated me. Being an art object it transcends life and death, or rather, it intermediates between those two worlds. They represent a passage and are like messengers; communicating the celebration of the living memory of the dead, passing novelties from the world of the living and accompanying the parting soul on its journey into the beyond.

Recently I have been doing some research into the history and genealogy of my family. One of them in particular I had in mind making this photograph: my great-aunt. She does not have a tombstone nor a sculpture. Her life was taken when she was 13 years of age. Although the place she died in is well known, the place she rests is just known by proximity.

Therefore I dedicate this weeks photo of the week
to the memory of Elsje Zeehandelaar.
13/10/1929 - 28/05/1943

Until the next Photo of the Week!

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