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This week in the Photo of the Week:

"The window of life"

photo of this weeks photo of the week
[60mm f/11 1/500s ISO 200]

Without even touching upon the nature-nurture debate, let alone pondering upon the ego-environment equation, there is always theatre where man-made construction meets man-(un)planned nature. Theatre I say, theatrical I mean, because although it might be a boring play at times, it is todays frontline of a dramatic act being played out on a world wide stage. Yes, there are clashes, there are sudden upheavals of intense violence and destruction, they make the news and are awed at and some even appreciate them as wake-up calls.

However, I have a very peacefull relationship with the one tree I see directly out of my bedroom windom. As long as it doesn't spill too much stingy insects towards me (it tends to harvest them), I'm ok with that damped old weary tree.

But I do also wonder about the forces at play in this simple stand-of between wall and tree. I cannot but think of its implications in the grander scheme of the nature/culture war going on in the world.

The wall cracks. The tree stands gruesomely tall.
Was it always opposites?

photo of this weeks photo of the week
[27mm f/2.8 1/60s ISO 400]

And how peaceful the mediated morning light seeps in.
A blank slate, a new day.

A new playwright?

Until the next Photo of the Week!

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photo of this weeks photo of the week
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